Beat It Music in the Community

Since 2002 we have become involved in as many ways as we can to support local people, clubs, activities and the local council. We are actively creating new shows and annual events, as well as providing musicians for events and new events for musicians.

A - Z ...

  • Baildon Businesses Social Group
    We are an active member of this group which raises money for local charities. For several years, we have provided high quality musical entertainment ‘free of charge’ for their major events such as the charity ball. We also work alongside Wildman Computers to design and print all the posters and stationary for the events.
  • Baildon Carnival
    Beat It Music and it’s associates (our very keen & supportive local music teachers), provide all the equipment and musicians for the Baildon Carnival every July. In particular we must mention Bren Travis, Steve Jannetta, Andrew Parkinson and there are many more.
  • Charity Gifts
    Every year we provide many gifts and prizes for charity. It is ok to ask us for help, but please do not be offended if we turn down an application. Believe it or not, it doesn’t matter how many we say YES to, there are always much more requests than we could ever manage to fulfil.
  • Christmas Show for Students
    To encourage our music students to have something other than exams to work to, we put on several events throughout the year. Without putting any pressure on the students, the ones who want to take part are invited and we are usually inundated with people wanting to take part.
  • Christmas trading
    We recognise the need for all the local shops to do more regarding Christmas trading and support all the efforts that volunteers go to with village events and extended opening. If they ask to open and take part, then we open and take part.
  • ‘Live at the lounge’
    A Beat It Music event held every other This is a LIVE! Beat It Music event held every other Friday at the Baildon Club. Originally started by Steve Gibson, this is just one of the many ways that we try to assist, the local clubs, local musicians and local students who need live performances to progress.
  • Music Clubs
    There are many of these and we try support and promote local clubs and events. One example being music clubs, such as the ever growing Ukulele club for beginners through to advanced. We also try to provide contacts, support and assistance where we can.
  • Poster display
    Where and when possible we display posters in the shop for lots of local events.
  • Poster / leaflet design and creation.
    Our design team creates posters and leaflets for local events when requested. Please ask Steve for a quote and look through examples of his fabulous design work.
  • Scarecrow day
    We always try join in events like this, which bring so many together in the village centre. We have created many interesting scarecrows and we are proud to have received a prize or two for our efforts.
  • Schools fund raising
    We do what we can, please see Charity Gifts. Spring / Summer show for students (very similar to the Christmas show)
  • “What’s on”
    We are now planning to add a page to this new version of the website, so when we informed of any local event, we will freely advertise it here and anyone living in or visiting Baildon, can look in the one place to see what is on and coming up.